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Albert Lee – Flintridge Preparatory School, University of Pennsylvania

I have been going here since 5th grade. Before going, I was mediocre with math at best. It was almost a foreign language. However, after going to Huntington Education, my math abilities began to grow exponentially. Soon, my math scores were almost always perfect. During the STAR testing during my middle school years, I received the max score of 600 every time. Also, during the ISEE, I scored perfect 9’s without missing a single question. The same continued for my SAT I’s and II’s, 800’s all around. My success started due to the methodology I learned from this fantastic place. I highly recommend this place. Even if you consider yourself fantastic at Math, there are still things you can learn from here. I accredit most of my success and found interest in Math to Huntington Education; they really help develop strong fundamentals.

Kevin Kong – junior enrolled in SAT I prep class, Mark Keppel High School

The teachers genuinely care about students and are devoted to making sure their pupils are learning and applying their skills to classes, homework, and standardized tests. The teachers are knowledgeable and help give students an extra boost in test scores. Also, small class sizes allow for more one-on-one interaction between a student and his or her teachers. Speaking from my personal experience this past summer, Huntington Education is one of the best tutoring centers a child could enroll in.

 Erica Hwang – San Marino High School, Washington University in St. Louis

I started coming here in 9th grade for Geometry. Before, I had never had any tutors, so the improvement in my grades were obvious. I went from getting low A’s and B’s on tests to getting high A’s both on tests and in the class overall. I really recommend their math classes because the teachers know the curriculum well and explain the material clearly. It really reduces the stress before math tests and math is a breeze for me now!

Tiffany Gu – San Marino High School, Pomona College

I started attending Huntington Education when I was in seventh grade. My math skills were mediocre and I needed a guiding hand to help me achieve. I was placed in the Pre-algebra class taught by Mrs. Liu. As a graduating senior who has enjoyed six years of excellent tutorage at Huntington Education, I feel compelled to share my thoughts and experiences.

The teachers are well acquainted with the school systems of Arcadia, San Marino, South Pasadena, and more. This is a great advantage since the teachers can review concepts commonly seen on homework, projects, and tests. However, the teachers don’t simply teach to a textbook. They go above and beyond in order to make their students experts in calculus, physics, and other subjects. The raw dedication and caring the teachers have toward the students make Huntington Education stand out. All the teachers genuinely want their students to learn and appreciate what they are learning. That is why so much effort is expended to ensure absent students come to watch a recording, the students do and understand all their homework problems, and the students achieve in all areas.

The pace is fast in order to fit in questions and teaching material within a two to three hour time period. Each lesson comes with a packet of practice problems which is due at the beginning of the following lesson. The aides will correct the problems and hand back the homework and the students can look over their work and ask questions. The teachers stand in front of a black board and demonstrate any problems the students have trouble with. When teaching, the tutors first write out all the general ideas and explanations. Numerous examples supplement the lesson.

In addition, if a student missed any classes, he or she could watch a recording of the class at any time. During finals week or AP season, the teachers host study sessions in place of lessons, and students can come as many times as they want to do practice problems and watch recordings.

During the summer, lessons are twice a week. The lessons focus on either pulling ahead of or finishing the school curriculum. This is very helpful since the students have a road map to what lies ahead. The broad, general concepts are in place. The finer details are honed later on. During the school year, there is a lesson once a week. For students in high school, there is no homework since the teachers take into account the high school work load.

As for me, I have become much better at analyzing, critical thinking, and problem solving. My self-confidence has grown because of this. Also, I’ve acquired superb study habits which will last me a lifetime. Fittingly enough, Huntington Education’s motto is “Study smarter not harder.”

I encourage everyone to check this place out.